Susie is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, and been involved with CrossFit since 2013.  When first introduced, Susie was immediately connected to the healthy, competitive nature and family spirit of CrossFit.   With a background in long distance running, triathlons, and back country hiking, CrossFit was a natural fit when Susie began seeking to build upon her fitness level in strength, endurance and intensity.   Susie finds great pleasure in seeing people discovering their potential and making strides in achieving their goals.  Susie recognizes first- hand how CrossFit is scalable for all levels of fitness and abilities through witnessing her own daughter with Down’s syndrome making incredible strides every day in CrossFit.  Susie believes firmly that the principles and values of CrossFit, especially at Neighborhood CrossFit, transfer across the board, whether in the gym, climbing a mountain, competing in a Spartan race, or in just being part of a family.