7882392Getting Started

“I need to get into shape before I start”
Not True!


Sign-up for your three CrossFit fundamentals. These 45-60 minute classes are designed to introduce various CrossFit movements along with mobility and Nutrition. Generally these sessions are one on one and will include a CrossFit workout. Dress appropriately and hydrate before you arrive. Also bring with you the Signed Waiver and Personal Goals Form found in this packet. To Sign-up call 760-407-7181


Once you complete all three fundamentals, you can join a class of your liking. See our current schedule also enclosed in this packet. We ask that you please arrive on time and ready to go. Classes begin promptly and as scheduled. Make sure you introduce yourself to the class Instructor(s) and they will assist you with any scaling or modifications needed to complete the daily WOD (Workout Of the Day).


Become a member! After your two weeks of classes, please make arrangements with one of our NHCF staff members to get enrolled. Payments may be made on a month to month basis or enjoy a discounted rate for advanced payments. These payments can be made by Check or Automatic Withdraw. A form for Auto Withdraw is included in this packet. Once you are signed up an account will be created for you, so you can conveniently track your workouts and progress.



Get the most out of your CrossFit experience by following the below building blocks for success.

“Stronger People are harder to Kill and generally more useful”

  1. Consistency: Get off the couch or get off work and CrossFit. NHCF Coaches and Members are all made up of working class people, so we get that it’s tough! 3-5 hours per week is plenty. Get in the habit of showing up.
  2. Intensity: Intensity comes from within. Find your motivation to go as hard as possible and minimize the amount of time you spend resting in the middle of each workout.
  3. Goals: Set goals and work to meet them every day.
  4. Log Everything: Tracking progress is huge. Minimally you should track your lifts and benchmark workouts. If you’re really motivated, you will track your food intake and sleep patterns as well. No excuses. I’ve included a Tracking card to get you started!
  5. Nutrition: See our hand-out regarding Nutrition and understand what an important role is plays, in your success.
  6. Recovery: 90% of us just what to stay fit and rest days between workouts are vital for recovery. Those 10% that are training to compete, may consider workouts everyday or in some cases “Two A Days.” In those cases timed recovery is crucial and may be accelerated with ice, compression, and good  supplements to help speed up recovery.
  7. Sleep: Is essential to your athletic development. As you sleep your body begins to heal and recharge. If you can get 8 hours every night, your way ahead of the game.
  8. Virtuosity: Virtuosity is the pursuit of perfection. Do every repetition correctly, every time.
  9. Encourage Others: There is no better motivator than a fellow Athlete who truly wants to see you do well. Go out of your way to build one another up!
  10. Have Fun: Don’t be hard on yourself and have fun. Join others in a variety of events and competitions throughout the year.